"Too busy or under too much pressure?

You may need this course more than you realise .."

Our contemporary, brain-friendly & interactive webinars about the mind at work, resilience & attention are delivered direct to your teams, to help support their productivity, self-care & self-awareness

Let us save you the time, trouble & effort of designing & delivering your own webinars

Choose from ...

Webinars for Teams

Psychological Safety & Belonging at Work

Understanding the what, why & how of psychological safety & belonging in teams

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Presenting Virtually 101

Just the basics of presenting well virtually

Fun, interactive webinar for 2-200

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Hosting Brain Friendly Webinars

Delivering engaging, informative & more enjoyable webinars & on-line meetings

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Building Resilience

A cherry picked overview from all of these webinars, to help support resilience at work

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Boosting Collective Intelligence

Simple ways to enhance team creativity and intelligence

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Creating Creativity

If creative thinking is hard work, then perhaps we are doing it wrong

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Work & Your Brain

What stops, starts & drives your brain at work

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Focus & Attention

Remaining focused when life gets frantic

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Keep Calm & Carry On

Regulating your emotions under pressure

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Avoiding Overwhelm

Finding quiet in the eye of the storm

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Mindfulness 101

The why, what & how of mindfulness

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Enjoyable Interactivity

Self-reflection & thinking spaces are encouraged throughout by multiple co-annotated whiteboards and the chat box

"I feel like I've been talking all the way through, but I never opened my mouth!"


But webinars are usually boring, right?

Well that depends! Webinars can be boring if you are being talked ‘at’ and not asked to actively participant. Thinking Space webinars are different. We cover some theory and then at regular intervals, we stop and check-in, using whiteboards or the chatbox, to find out what participants are thinking. That's usually quite engaging. Depending on group sizes, participant audio is typically muted throughout, to minimize distractions and help focus

How effective are they for learning?

Normal webinars are usually a one-way stream of information. You listen and perhaps type a question at the end. But because you can't connect with other participants, it's harder to learn from them. Thinking Space webinars by contrast, are more two-way. Participants are encouraged to consider how the content applies to them and to share their thoughts or questions with the rest of the group. Webinar content is balanced with thinking and reflection time. It's fun and engaging and can also provide some virtual breathing space, during someone's normal busy week. They are also a great way to support the resilience of your employees, in a personalized, cost effective and eco way.

How are the webinars delivered?

For attendee privacy and platform familiarity, we deliver using your webinar technology. Or we can use our own Zoom platform

What are the webinar sizes?

It depends on the group and the experience you want them to have. 50-300 attendees is large enough to get a good discussion going, but small enough to still get heard. Smaller groups provide an opportunity for more verbal interactions. Sessions for larger audiences are available too

Which webinar do we choose?

You can select any webinar as a one-off delivery. To help change mindsets and behaviours, we suggest a series of 4-6 webinars, delivered over time, which all build upon each other, to form a coherent block of learning. Sessions can be adapted, to better align with your culture, values & corporate initiatives


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