"Too busy or under too much pressure?

You may need this course more than you realise .."

Our contemporary, brain-friendly & interactive webinars about the mind at work, resilience & attention are delivered direct to your teams, to help support their productivity, self-care & self-awareness

Let us save you the time, trouble & effort of designing & delivering your own webinars

Choose from ...

Webinars for Teams

Hosting Brain Friendly Webinars

Delivering engaging, informative & more enjoyable webinars & on-line meetings

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Psychological Safety at Work

Understanding the what, why & how of psychological safety in teams

...details coming soon

Boosting Collective Intelligence

Simple ways to enhance team creativity and intelligence

...details coming soon

Work & Your Brain

What stops, starts & drives your brain at work

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Focus & Attention

Remaining focused when life gets frantic

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Keep Calm & Carry On

Regulating your emotions under pressure

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Avoiding Overwhelm

Finding quiet in the eye of the storm

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Mindfulness 101

The why, what & how of mindfulness

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Building Resilience

A cherry picked overview from all of these webinars, to help support resilience at work

...details coming soon

Enjoyable Interactivity

Self-reflection & thinking spaces are encouraged throughout by multiple co-annotated whiteboards and the chat box

"I feel like I've been talking all the way through, but I never opened my mouth!"

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