Team Thriving

Strengthening team resilience, supporting self-care & avoiding overwhelm (brain friendly team workshop or webinar)

  • Duration: 1-3 hour workshop, plus pre-work videos
  • Format: in-person or brain-friendly webinar
  • Flipped design: bite-sized pre-work theory videos, to maximise workshop reflection opportunities
  • Suitable for: team meetings, off-sites, leadership, talent or well-being programs
  • Size: 4+

Simple, brain-based strategies to increase team resilience, support self-care and help avoid overwhelm

Recommended for a team that needs revitalizing, refreshing and a reboot. Or a team that has completed a major project, undergone recent change or is in a sector prone to burnout

Are you and your teams flourishing & thriving?

Or hanging on in there, enduring, surviving rather than thriving?

Even with the best of intentions, when the pressure mounts, self-care can often become an after-thought. But it’s the one thing we really do need to focus on during periods of stretch, strain or stress, to avoid us shifting from the mental state of participation to protection. Boosting our own resilience not only helps our own wellbeing and performance though. Through emotional contagion, it may help others around us too, potentially improving the team’s sense of belonging, engagement, collaboration and perhaps, therefore, performance

The session explains how the brain is impacted by stress, overwhelm and burnout. Through a series of quick-fire team discussions and activities, the group considers a number of brain-related marginal gains to boost their resilience. Suggested resilience hacks may be subtle longer term resilience boosters or short term in-the-moment circuit breakers. Together they can form a useful under pressure toolkit

As some of the Testimonials outline, this session gives participants a gentle nudge and the reflection space to stop and consider their own self-care. The relaxed, but participatory, social setting, allows everyone to reflect, express and be acknowledged, whilst learning from the insights of others and hopefully being inspired to take action to change


"I found the advice very useful. Given the high demands on our teams, seminars like this one have been very helpful in controlling stress, and I found that the advice given in the seminar was very straight-forward to act on. The presenter was very familiar with her subject matter, and good at teaching it. Thank you very much!" (webinar)

"This is the fourth one of these I have participated in and I have loved them all. The science she brings into a typically soft subject is spot on and very easy to follow. I highly recommend any and all of this series. Just having the awareness of what your brain is going through due to different stimuli, internal or external, makes a huge difference in how you react to them" (webinar)

"I was sceptical on whether webinars can be effective in discussing such a "soft" matter but it turnout to be a totally great experience. I learned a whole lot about new things and resources that at the same time are very practical to implement in the daily life right away. I was amazed by the subtle interactions with the participants sharing comments in the chat. I would recommend to other team members!" (webinar)

"Great course, top marks to Debbie who kept me engaged throughout. Full of useful information and helpful tools to 'flourish and thrive'. Overwhelm and burnout can affect anyone, so my recommendation is be prepared and sign up for a course!" (webinar)

"There is really a lot of content in this class, starting with overwhelm and burnout but discussing healthy mindsets and giving a valuable set of tools to make changes for the better in your brain. These concepts may not be new or earth-shattering, but put altogether, they form a great plan of attack for feeling in control of your life. A great class with Debbie Jeremiah, like the others in the series!" (webinar)

"What was discussed in this session, I have already heard and read before. However, the interactive form of the training makes you think deeper on the issues and you have the benefit of inputs from all the participants" (webinar)

Learning outcomes:

  • An understanding of what starts/stops/upsets/supports the brain at work and how this impacts thinking, self-control and resilience
  • An understanding of the factors associated with stress, overwhelm & burnout
  • An understanding and self-assessment of longer term strategies that can boost resilience
  • An understanding of short term, in-the-moment, resilience hacks that can help calm, when things get tricky
  • An understanding of mindfulness & breath control and the implications for mental & physical well-being
  • An experience of meditation within a team setting (if appropriate)
  • An experience of real-time stress measurement (in-person workshop only)
  • An opportunity to stop, pause and reflect

This Team Connecting Workshop covers:

Pre-work videos (+ workshop facilitated discussions):

Work & Your Brain: Social threats, psychological safety & peak mental performance - and the impact on stress

Workshop activities:

Quick Fire Discussions: To reflect on various elements which can support or boost resilience, in the long and short term
Guided meditation: clean, clear, secular & simple meditation to calm & rebalance. This demonstrates the experience of ease within a meeting
Real-time stress experiment: demonstrating the impact of thinking & stress on the body (in-person workshop only - virtual participants referred to on-line assessment alternative)

The Mind at Work 4 pillars

To address key team challenges:

1. Team Thinking: Boosting collective intelligence, clarity & insight
Great for a group that needs better thinking, insights and innovation. Or a team that works well together, but is facing tough business challenges
2. Team Connecting: Building team engagement, collaboration & psychological safety
Great for a team that needs improved bonding, engagement and trust. Or a team that is newly formed or altered
3. Team Changing: Supporting team change, reorganisation or restructuring
Great for a group facing change. Or one that needs to adapt, transform & reshape
4. Team Thriving: Strengthening team resilience, supporting self-care & avoiding overwhelm
Great for a team that needs revitalizing, refreshing and a reboot. Or a team that has completed a major project, undergone recent change or is in a sector prone to burnout

Each workshop uses the same 'Brain Basics' pre-work videos and includes similar theories and activities, but with a different aim and focus
Because the topics of thinking, connecting and resilience are all interrelated, there may well be some overlapping of outcomes or benefits between all 4 workshops