Scheduled open webinars

Interactive & engaging thinking spaces - to help your mind at work

"Too busy or under too much pressure? You may need this course more than you realise .."

Brain-friendly, interactive & engaging webinars (open to all) on contemporary, mind-related topics, that you probably wish you'd known about earlier in your life & career!

Self-reflection & thinking space is encouraged throughout the (muted) webinar, by multiple co-annotated whiteboards and the chat box. "I feel like I've been talking all the way through, but I never opened my mouth!"

"This was an excellent webinar with content critical to anyone living in 21st century and dealing with high stress scenarios, at work or in personal life .."

"Your mastery of the subject, but also of the webinar tool to keep us engaged through the sessions is fantastic .."

“Debbie has a wonderful knack of making the virtual 'classroom' a very interactive place and making you feel like an active participant rather than just being talked at. Really enjoyable and I've walked away with knowledge that I can immediately apply every day”


Finding quiet in the eye of the storm
(90 mins + 15mins Q&A)
When the pressure of the modern world all seems too much, what can you do to quieten the storm? This session will help you better understand how to calm any inner turmoil (giving you a better chance of dealing with the outer turmoil!)

  • Increase your understanding of overwhelm and burnout
  • Understand the impact of your own mindset
  • Plot out the key elements to your own healthy mental well-being
  • Understand the impact of positivity on mindset and explore some well-being 'marginal gains' in your own life, with virtual ‘speed coaching’

Putting fear in its place
(90 mins + 15mins Q&A)
When considering those big things you want to change or do, it's not really about the lack of time, money, resources ... is it? Procrastination usually boils down to one thing. FEAR! What if ...?!!
To stand any chance of improving things in our lives, we thought it might be an idea to face up to Fear and have a bit of a word with it. Maybe its time Fear got told to take it's foot off the brake, get out of the driving seat and sit in the back and be quiet, whilst we're driving.
Because if you knew you could move forward, even with Fear coming along for the ride, what would change for you?
This session will look squarely into the face of Fear and see if we can develop a more healthy, beneficial relationship with it, even if its still coming along for the ride

Remaining focused when life gets frantic
(90 mins + 15mins Q&A)
Multi-tasking? Ineffective? Just not enough hours in the day? Find out from brain science just how ineffective some of our normal working strategies can be and discover some alternative, more brain friendly ways to get stuff done and take back time

  • Increase your self-awareness by understanding how your brain typically focuses or gets distracted
  • Understand the typical human brain state and the implications of this at work
  • Identify just how effective you are when you multitask
  • Understand how to structure your day, to maximise your cognitive resources
  • Develop some brain smart working practices

A monthly virtual coaching check-in
(60 mins)
What if there were a 1 hour webinar with no content, just a series of thought-provoking questions, designed to get you thinking about small changes you could make in the coming month, that might just help improve life & work?
And one where you could get ideas and perhaps support, from seeing what everyone else has achieved since last time and what they're thinking of trying next next?
And one which runs monthly, at a minimal cost?
Well it's worth a go isn't it?
That's what we thought too ...

Regulating your emotions under pressure
(90 mins + 15mins Q&A)
When the emotions rise and the red mist falls, what if anything, can you do to regain your cool? This session will help you better understand your own emotional responses and give you an overview of some valid and reliable emotional regulation techniques

  • Increase your self-awareness by deepening your understanding of emotions, feelings, moods & rumination
  • Identify 5 strategies for managing emotions and learn from neuroscience just how effective (or not) these strategies are

Making that change
(90 mins + 15mins Q&A)
Debbie: "A few years ago I made a deliberate mid-life career change, from accountant to trainer/course designer at GE, focusing on the mind at work. I moved from balancing books to helping to balance brains. Since then people have regularly asked me how I made the change. So I thought I'd run a webinar with some tips, ideas & learnings and one where you can reflect on it for yourself and consider your next steps .."

The benefits of mindfulness at work
(90 mins + 15mins Q&A)
What exactly is mindfulness? What are the benefits? And how do you do it? There is a lot of hype about mindfulness at the moment. This session takes it back to basics and explains it simply and clearly. Useful for mindfulness complete beginners through to intermediates

  • Understand why we might need mindfulness now
  • Understand what mindfulness is
  • Understand what the potential benefits of mindfulness are
  • Consider ways to bring more mindfulness into your life
  • Consider ways to respond to 'Yes, but ...'
  • Experience 2 guided meditations

WORK & YOUR BRAIN Recommended
The science behind your brain at work
(90 mins + 15mins Q&A)
What does your brain think about work? This brain science overview will give you a basic understanding of how your brain typically reacts to change, stress and daily life & work challenges, giving you the knowledge and awareness to respond more appropriately Recommended as a foundation, prior to any other webinar

  • Increase your self-awareness by understanding how your brain typically responds at work and how your thinking abilities might be impacted by threat and reward states
  • Understand the outcome of threatened brain states on work effectiveness
  • Understand the optimal state necessary to achieve peak mental performance
  • Understand the 6 ‘SAFETY’ elements which determine cognitive threat or reward states and identify your own key driver(s)
  • Consider some simple, practical approaches to minimise threat and maximise reward states at work

For corporate/LMS registrations, please Email us to arrange

Your Instructor

Debbie Jeremiah
Debbie Jeremiah

“I design the courses that I wish I’d taken at the start of my career”

Debbie Jeremiah is an ex General Electric (GE) Crotonville global leadership learning designer. She specialised in mindful leadership and brain-friendly ways of meeting & working, delivering 200+ mind-related webinars. In creating ThinkingSpace.training she pooled her expertise of mindfulness, the brain at work and resilience to create accessible, brain-related content, for individuals and their teams

“I aim to create the content that past customers asked me for, namely; contemporary topics to help teams to think better, connect more, manage change and boost resilience. Delivered through blended offerings ..."

  • simple, bite-sized, eLearning
  • virtually delivered (brain-friendly) team workshops
  • scheduled open webinars
  • digital packages for self-delivery by HR or managers”

Debbie has an Executive Masters (Dist) from the Institute of NeuroLeadership, is an accredited Team & 1:1 SAFETY™ debrief facilitator from the Academy of Brain-based Leadership, is, a ‘Time to Think’ Thinking Environment® Transforming Meetings trainer and a certified trainer of numerous GE leadership skills classes. She is an international conference speaker on digitally supported neuro-management, mindfulness and resilience in the workplace
She lives near Cambridge, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different about these webinars?
Normal webinars are usually a one-way stream of information. You listen and perhaps type a question. But because you can't connect with other participants, you can't learn from them. Thinking Space webinars by contrast, are two-way. You'll be encouraged to consider how the content applies to you and then to add your own thoughts on whiteboards or in the chatbox, perhaps learning from the comments of others. Webinar content is balanced with thinking and reflection time. It's fun and engaging and can also give you some virtual breathing space, during your normal busy week
But webinars are usually boring, right?
Well that depends! Webinars can be boring if you are being talked ‘at’ and not asked to actively participant. Thinking Space webinars are different. We cover some theory and then at regular intervals, we stop and check-in with you, to find out what you think, using whiteboards and chat boxes. That's usually quite engaging. Participant audio is muted throughout, to minimize distractions and help you focus
Can I just listen & not actively participate?
Yes of course! Science suggests however, that self-generated learning is one of the most effective ways to learn. Actively thinking and talking about a subject, even virtually, can help you gain new understanding and insights. Based on the multi-tasking research however, we DON'T recommend listening and checking your emails at the same time. Our poor brains can’t just handle both!
What are the webinar sizes?
3-99 attendees. Large enough to get a good discussion going, but small enough to still get heard
Are the webinars recorded?
Yes. Each session is recorded and accessible for 30 days, via a link emailed out shortly after the session
How is my privacy maintained?
The name you enter when you register, is the name that appears in the chat box. To maintain privacy you may wish to provide a username, i.e. ‘John from London’ or ‘John S’ etc. Your whiteboards comments are anonymous to other attendees. Please NOTE: each session is recorded and that recording will include chat box entries. Recordings will be accessible by other attendees afterwards. Please DO NOT include identifiable personal data about yourself, other people or organizations in your chat box comments. ThinkingSpace will occasionally email out details of new webinars. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time
How do I register?
Select your date and time-zone above. Click on Register. Enter a username, name and email address. Select Register. On the Paypal page, you can Enter as Guest and pay on a debit or credit card. Or enter your Paypal details. You will immediately receive a webinar confirmation email from ClickMeeting, which includes an Add to Calendar link. Please save to your calendar. You will also receive a payment receipt from Paypal. Please check your spam box, if the ClickMeeting confirmation or Paypal receipt are not received
How do I join the Webinar?
In your registration confirmation email, calendar link or the (24 hr & 1 hr prior) reminders, simply click on the Join Now tab. You can listen through the audio on your computer speakers (all attendees will be on mute) or dial-in using the telephone numbers provided. If you have lost your original email, contact [email protected] to have your webinar confirmation resent. We recommend you join using a computer (rather than a mobile device), join 10 mins early to get things set up & join from a quiet location where you won't be distracted
What’s the cancellation policy?
If you cancel any time from registration to 72 hours prior to the webinar, you may rebook on any future webinar (of the same price). Contact: [email protected] to arrange. If you are unable to attend at the last minute, please note that everyone who registers receives a recording after the session (accessible for 30 days). So you could simply wait for the recording and watch the session in catch-up afterwards
What if the webinar is cancelled?
In the event of low registration, technical issues or trainer illness, the webinar may be cancelled. In this instance you will be contacted and offered either a full refund or rebooking on a later webinar
I’ve lost my calendar link
Email [email protected] for the calendar link to be resent to the email that you registered with
Do I need to download anything onto my computer to attend?
No! The webinars are delivered through ClickMeeting, which runs in your regular browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer etc). No IT wizardry required. Just click on your registration confirmation or calendar link to join
Can I attend on my ipad or phone?
Although you can join on a mobile device, you will not be able to type on the whiteboards and the user experience is restricted. Because whiteboards are a key element of these webinars, to fully participate in the session, we recommend joining using a computer. If you do need to join using a mobile device however, please download the free ClickMeeting app first, prior to joining (available from Apple App Store & Google Play)
Will you be running these webinars again and adding new ones too?
Yes! The webinars will be delivered quarterly, with new topics added
Will there be any training materials?
Each webinar is different. Any relevant materials will be shared and available for download, within the webinar itself. You may wish to join a few minutes early and follow the download instructions given in the chatbox
Can my organization offer these webinars to our employees?
Yes! You can promote the webinar links internally, employees can register themselves and we can invoice your organization. No technical or IT wizardry required (employees simply ignore the Paypal form). This is a great way to support the resilience of your employees, in a personalized, cost effective and eco way. Alternatively, these webinars can be delivered to your employees on-request, to better align with your culture, values & corporate initiatives, using your own webinar platform. Contact [email protected] to arrange