• Engaging, interactive webinar for 2-250
  • Thought provoking overview of the links between psychological safety & belonging and the brain at work
  • Helps support understanding of the impact of non-conscious brain reactions to social threat responses and a recognition that trust occurs at a non-conscious level
  • Offers broad suggestions on ways to build psychological safety within teams
  • Can include a facilitated review & discussion around the team's own psychological safety scores
  • Especially helpful for the neurodiverse, introverted or highly sensitive

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We often try to build team trust by simply telling people to trust each other. But trust is a deep, non-conscious reaction to social cues. Exploring threats & the brain can help us understand how we can build more authentic trust

This practical webinar is designed to enhance awareness around psychological safety & belonging within teams

It aims to help understanding and insight around building trust, collaboration & belonging, whilst minimising fear, mistrust a& dysfunction

Suitable for: Teams, managers, HR

This webinar will help your teams to understand …

  • What is driving their sense of belonging or isolation within the group
  • How a sense of psychological safety can be enhanced
  • A review of the team's own psychological safety level (if required/appropriate)

By the end: They should have a clearer understanding of some simple changes they can make within their own lives and groups to create more psychological safety & belonging, for themselves and others 

Sample Content:

  • Psych Safety Overview
  • Definition 
  • Benefits 
  • Impact if not present
  • What Impacts Psych Safety?
  • Social threats & the brain
  • Culture & unwritten rules
  • Mindsets
  • Building Psych Safety
  • Managing triggers
  • Meeting behaviours
  • Humanizing the workforce
  • Review of Team Psych Safety Results (if required)

Delivery & Duration: 60-120-mins, to incl a mid session 3-min brain break. Delivered in an interactive style with audience participation and where relevant, small-group, breakout discussions

Optional Extras: Facilitated review of Team Psych Safety Assessment (completed anonymously in-advance, with internal survey support). It covers seeking support within the team, mistake making, undermining or accepting others, feeling valued, being candid and risk taking. Scatter graph(s) can plot average or individual Q scores for high level team overview or deeper dives

Next Steps: This is an introduction and overview of psychological safety. For a more in-depth, team deep dive, consider the SAFETY team debrief workshop

If you're interested in psychological safety, you might be interested in Presenting for the Petrified; a range of offerings, helping you and your team to improve your speaking & presentation skills and confidence, in a gentler, virtual & psychologically safer way


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Will this webinar transform psychological safety & belonging?

Transformation is not likely in such a short session, albeit there should be insights which participants can consider applying immediately. For long term change, a deeper dive is recommended, such as the small group SAFETY Team Debrief workshop

What platform can it be delivered on? 

Zoom meetings or your own webinar technology

Can the session be modified to meet our requirements

Yes, of course! Simply Contact Us to chat through your requirements