Mindfulness 101 Webinar

The benefits of mindfulness at work

There is a lot of hype about mindfulness at the moment. But what exactly is mindfulness, what are the benefits and how do you do it?

This session takes mindfulness back to basics, explaining it simply and clearly and includes 2 guided meditations to try. Find out how mindfulness can help you in life and at work

Suitable for mindfulness complete beginners, through to intermediates

"Informative and well presented. I liked the scientific basis and approach, and after the meditations I felt refreshed and focused. Although on the surface it seems non-work related, it was actually the most work applicable course I've ever attended. There was some very easy takeaways and resources made available too .."

"Before the course I was a bit sceptical of mindfulness, I thought it was a bit of a buzzword. However, I really enjoyed the course, learned such a lot and I have since realised how much mindfulness applies to me. I have been putting the principles in practice .."

"As time goes on, I find myself remembering different things that we talked about and putting them into practice when I need them. It has definitely given me a different perspective on my home and work life and I don't think that I sweat the small stuff as much .."

Learning objectives:

  • Investigate why we might need mindfulness
  • Explore what mindfulness is
  • Understand the key potential benefits of mindfulness
  • Reflect on ways to bring more mindfulness into your life
  • Reflect on responses to 'Mindfulness, yes but ...'
  • Experience 2 guided meditations

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Your Instructor

Debbie Jeremiah
Debbie Jeremiah

“I design the courses that I wish I’d taken at the start of my career”

Since working as a learning designer & trainer at General Electric (GE), Debbie now specialises in virtually delivered, mindful leadership and brain-friendly ways of meeting & working. She has delivered hundreds of mind-at-work webinars. ThinkingSpace.training combines mindfulness, the brain at work and presentation skills to create virtual training to help individuals and their teams present better, connect more and manage life & change, through simple, bite-sized, eLearning and interactive, brain-friendly team workshops & webinars.

Debbie has an Executive Masters (Dist) from the Institute of NeuroLeadership, is an accredited Team SAFETY™ debrief facilitator (the Academy of Brain-based Leadership), a ‘Time to Think’ Thinking Environment® Transforming Meetings trainer and a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist. She is an international conference speaker on topics such as digitally supported neuro-management, mindfulness at work, inclusion & belonging in the workplace & overcoming the fear of speaking. She lives near Cambridge, UK. www.linkedin.com/in/debbie-jeremiah