Mindfulness at Work Lunch & Learn

1 hour team training (self-delivered digital training package)

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For your team, does work feel like a whirlwind of stress and drama, leaving them frazzled, emotional or plain exhausted?

Perhaps mindfulness at work might help?

Mindfulness at Work Team Lunch & Learn is a simple, self-delivered team training package for your teams, colleagues or employees

The course helps answer:
  • Why we might need mindfulness?
  • What is mindfulness?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How do you do it, at home and at work?
  • How do you overcome obstacles to creating a practice?

By the end: Your team will have a clearer understanding of mindfulness and its relevance in the workplace, helping them decide if they want to explore it further

Self-Delivery: Simply play the videos and follow the facilitation advice, asking the suggested discussion questions

Duration: The session is designed to be delivered in 1-hour

Suitable for:

  • To introduce the topic of mindfulness to managers, HR or a team, to either gage interest, spark curiosity or to generally inform
  • To introduce and possibly ‘sell’ mindfulness to budget holders
  • To be used as a longer brain break, learning spot or thinking space in a regular team meeting, extended staff meeting or training class
  • 33 mins of video, which includes 2 simple guided meditations (relaxation + joy/compassion)
  • 27 mins of x4 Thinking Space facilitated discussions with suggested questions
  • Handouts
  • Facilitation guidance
  • Meditation audio files
  • Meditation transcripts (for self-delivery or translation, if required)
Video Content:
  • Intro, Meditation, Overview (Why might you need mindfulness?), Overview (What is mindfulness?), Life's a beach, Overview (What are the benefits of mindfulness?)
  • Overview (How do you do it?), Overview (Yes but .. Overcoming obstacles), Meditation, And finally

"But, I'm not a trainer .."

No problem. This bite-sized, self-delivered team training is designed to be delivered by non-trainers, such as team managers or enthusiastic team members. If you can play a video, read from the instructions and ask questions to a group, you can deliver the training. No training experience necessary; just an ability to guide a discussion, as you would in a regular meeting

Interested but unsure?

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Your Instructor

Debbie Jeremiah
Debbie Jeremiah

“I design the courses that I wish I’d taken at the start of my career”

Debbie Jeremiah is an ex General Electric (GE) Crotonville global leadership learning designer. She specialised in mindful leadership and brain-friendly ways of meeting & working, delivering 200+ mind-related webinars. In creating ThinkingSpace.training she pooled her expertise of mindfulness, the brain at work and resilience to create accessible, brain-related content, for individuals and their teams

“I aim to create the content that past customers asked me for, namely; contemporary topics to help teams to think better, connect more, manage change and boost resilience. Delivered through blended offerings ..."

  • simple, bite-sized, eLearning
  • virtually delivered (brain-friendly) team workshops
  • scheduled open webinars
  • digital packages for self-delivery by HR or managers”

Debbie has an Executive Masters (Dist) from the Institute of NeuroLeadership, is an accredited Team & 1:1 SAFETY™ debrief facilitator from the Academy of Brain-based Leadership, is, a ‘Time to Think’ Thinking Environment® Transforming Meetings trainer and a certified trainer of numerous GE leadership skills classes. She is an international conference speaker on digitally supported neuro-management, mindfulness and resilience in the workplace
She lives near Cambridge, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

How many facilitators can use this training?
This course has purchasing options for 1 or 5 facilitators. For a different number, please get in touch. If you select 5, this will still give you as the primary user instant access to the course. Coupons/vouchers for the remaining 4 users will be emailed to you. Please allow 1-2 days working days. Users can then access the course by redeeming their coupons
Are the course materials downloadable?
The videos can be easily accessed, any time, any place, by signing into your account. Handouts and resources, but not the main videos, are downloadable and some are available free for preview
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have access for 365 days. The annual subscription auto-renews, so if you’re happy to continue, no action is necessary. Your original payment card will be automatically charged at the start of Year 2. If you’re no longer delivering the training, simply stop the auto renewal, so you’re not charged again in future
What can I and can’t I do with the course?
Please click on the Terms of Use at the bottom of the page. They’re written in plain & simple language. For more clarification, just ask
How do I stop the auto renewal against my credit card?
To cancel the Auto Renewal at any time, go into your account, select Edit Profile, Manage Subscriptions and click Cancel against your Active Subscription. This will cancel your subscription at the end of your year's access, i.e. it will stop the next Auto Renewal charge from being taken against your payment card. Please note: if you auto-renew without noticing, refunds against credit cards can only occur during the 30 days after auto renewal. Thereafter refunds will be issued manually (Paypal, bank transfer etc)
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days to discuss a full or partial refund.
Can I upgrade?
Yes! If you want to upgrade to any higher priced version of the same course, we will give you a voucher for 50% of your original purchase price (excl VAT) that you can redeem against the first year of your upgraded option. You can continue to use your original purchase. Simply email and let us know which version of the course you are upgrading from and to
Can I be invoiced, show the content on our EMS/LMS or get it whitelabelled or amended?
Yes, please get in touch to discuss

"when your mind is ok, you are (usually) ok"

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