Focus & Attention Webinar

Remaining focused when life gets frantic

Multi-tasking? Ineffective? Just not enough hours in the day?

Find out from brain science just how ineffective some of our normal working strategies can be and discover some alternative, more brain-friendly ways to get stuff done and take back time

"Take home for me is that being busy isn't necessarily being productive .."

"The webinar gave me examples of things I could do immediately to increase my productivity at work.."

"Lots of good stuff here and very engaging presenter. It has made me think about my own working practices and the changes I could make to increase my effectiveness and productivity .."

Learning objectives:

  • Explore how your brain typically focuses or gets distracted
  • Reflect on the typical human brain state and the implications of this at work
  • Identify just how effective you are when you multitask
  • Consider the structure of your day from the perspective of maximising your cognitive resources
  • Explore some brain smart working practices that you can immediately apply

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Your Instructor

Debbie Jeremiah
Debbie Jeremiah

“I design the courses that I wish I’d taken at the start of my career”

Debbie Jeremiah is an ex General Electric (GE) Crotonville global leadership learning designer. She specialised in mindful leadership and brain-friendly ways of meeting & working, delivering 200+ mind-related webinars. In creating she pooled her expertise of mindfulness, the brain at work and resilience to create accessible, brain-related content, for individuals and their teams

“I aim to create the content that past customers asked me for, namely; contemporary topics to help teams to think better, connect more, manage change and boost resilience. Delivered through blended offerings ..."

  • simple, bite-sized, eLearning
  • virtually delivered (brain-friendly) team workshops
  • scheduled open webinars
  • digital packages for self-delivery by HR or managers”

Debbie has an Executive Masters (Dist) from the Institute of NeuroLeadership, is an accredited Team & 1:1 SAFETY™ debrief facilitator from the Academy of Brain-based Leadership, is, a ‘Time to Think’ Thinking Environment® Transforming Meetings trainer and a certified trainer of numerous GE leadership skills classes. She is an international conference speaker on digitally supported neuro-management, mindfulness and resilience in the workplace
She lives near Cambridge, UK