eCourses for You (self study)

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Presenting for the Petrified

Helping you to find your voice


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Presenting Virtually 101

Mini eCourse. Just the basics of presenting well


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Work & Your Brain

What starts, stops & drives your brain at work?


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Focus & Attention

Remaining focused when life gets frantic


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Mindfulness at Work for You

Simple ways to find your mindful at work


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Blended Courses for You & Your Teams (live webinars & self study)

Presenting for the Petrified

(LIVE eCourse) for YOU

Overcoming the fear of presenting; gently, virtually & psychologically safely

Small-group, 8 session program

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Presenting for the Petrified

(LIVE Blended) for TEAMS

Finding your voice: gently, virtually & psychologically safely

8 session live program (2-20)

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Self-Delivered Team Training (digital packs)

Mindful at Work: Team Taster

Bite-sized 17-min overview for team meetings


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Mindful at Work: Lunch & Learn

1 hour team training


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Mindful at Work: Deeper Dive

6 (x1hr) deeper dive series for teams


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