Bite-sized, brain-friendly, virtual learning

A word from Debbie, Thinking Space Founder ..

Learning about the workings of my own mind, made life & work easier and smoother

Learning to present well and shedding the fear of public speaking, opened up a world of opportunities in my career and personal life

I now teach others to do the same, within:

  • Brain-friendly presentation skill trainings (virtual)
  • The mind at work workshops & webinars: Thinking (collective intelligence), Connecting (psychological safety), Changing (adapting), Thriving (resilience)

Sessions are flipped, with bite-sized pre-work videos watched beforehand, freeing up the live sessions for more thinking space, reflection and insight

My background is a neuro-focused learning professional:

  • Ex-GE Crotonville L&D Faculty/Learning Designer: thinking & neuro-based micro/virtual learning
  • Executive Masters in NeuroLeadership (Dist): specialising in brain-friendly meetings
  • Academy of Brain-based Leadership accredited team SAFETY™ trainer: psychological safety
  • Time to Think Thinking Environment® Facilitator: thinking, decision-making, trust & engagement
  • International conference speaker: neuro-management & mindful leadership

In my free time, I help nervous passengers at a London airport overcome their fear, stress and anxieties, with my therapy dog Ellie. I'm also a puppy socialiser for Medical Detection Dogs

Please do get in touch with questions, thoughts or to just have a chat!

Wishing you a brain-friendly rest of the day

Debbie Jeremiah
Chief Thinking Officer, Thinking Space
Chief Courage Officer, Presenting for the Petrified

Chief Catering Surveillance Officer