Everything feels easier when you’re using your strengths v. hiding your weaknesses
No effort was spared in training Ellie to be a guide dog. But she felt differently. Perhaps her skin allergies were the outward indication of internal discomfort. Being the wrong fit had become an irritation

When my mid-life career change took me from accountant to learning professional at GE, I discovered that doing a better suited job feels like freewheeling downhill, rather than a constant uphill slog. Everything flows more easily

If you think you need more resilience, is it more grit, determination or self-care that you need? Or perhaps a better fitting role? How much effort is it taking to squeeze yourself into a career shape that isn’t right for you? My past tells me it was enormous

Is your life and work the right fit for you? What does your heart tell you that you really should be doing instead? 2020 has shown us that life is too short and too precious to waste it living someone else’s life and work. What one tiny step can you take towards the real you? What do you think?

PUPDATE: Ellie is now an airport therapy dog (in flying times) greeting anxious passengers, keeping small children distracted & clearing the floor of dropped snacks. She is now happy, healthy and non-itchy

Originally posted on LinkedIn