Resilience, mind & attention training

Helping you work smarter

“The greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy
is a positive & engaged brain ..”
Shawn Anchor

Workshops (in-person & virtual, 1-4 hrs)
Disengaged? Poor decisions? Stress?

Team Thinking: collective intelligence, clarity & insight
Team Connecting: engagement, collaboration & psychological safety
Team Changing: change, re-organisation or restructuring
Team Thriving: resilience, self-care & overwhelm/burnout
Psychological S.A.F.E.T.Y™ Team Debrief: (Academy of Brain-based Leadership) + coaching
Presenting for the Petrified: Overcoming the fear; gently & psychologically safely (blended)

Webinars (on-request + open scheduled)
Brain-friendly, engaging, thought-provoking
"I feel like I've been talking all the way through, but I never opened my mouth!"

Work & Your Brain: What stops, starts & drives your brain at work
Focus & Attention: Remaining focused when life gets frantic
Keep Calm & Carry On: Regulating your emotions under pressure
Avoiding Overwhelm: Finding quiet in the eye of the storm
Mindfulness101: The benefits of mindfulness at work
Virtual Group Coaching: Monthly virtual group coaching check-in
Facing into Fear: Putting fear in its rightful place
Mid-life Career Change: Making that change

(for you) & Self-delivered digital packages (for HR, Mngrs, L&D)

Work & Your Brain: What stops, starts & drives your brain at work
Mindfulness at Work for You: The Why & How of mindfulness
Mindfulness at Work Team Taster: (17 min meeting video)
Mindfulness at Work Lunch & Learn: (1hr)
Mindfulness at Work Deeper Dive: (6 x 1hr)

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